Outreach for Applications of Enterprise GIS In Transportation


Feb 11 2021
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Spatial Data Governance for Business Users

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Event Summary

FHWA has launched the Applications of Enterprise GIS in Transportation (AEGIST) pooled fund study (PFS) in collaboration with 16+ States in the U.S. to advance spatial and linear referencing data management practices, tools and systems by deploying standards and best practices. The project involves 16+ states, and features a series of webinars, workshops, peer exchange meetings and consulting services over 2019-2024.

spatial data governance pie chart representation

This webinar describes spatial data governance and management practices that span across multiple business units and users, in addition to the GIS and LRS units. Spatial data governance involves creating, managing and sharing the data models associated with roads, assets, projects, traffic, safety, mobility etc., using enterprise data systems, including but not limited to Asset Management system, Traffic and Safety Systems, Project Planning and Programming Systems, Design and Construction systems, GIS and Linear Referencing System (LRS).

The presenters gave examples of how they model data from the perspective of multiple business users and stakeholders, and, how data is shared across enterprise systems, to support business use cases including but not limited to the following:

  • Provisioning existing assets data in GIS, LRS and Lidar systems for use in Design & Construction
  • Delivering as-built assets and post-construction inspection data to Asset Management
  • Exchanging road network & roadway characteristics, projects and asset data in Project Management, LRS & Asset systems for project planning, programming, asset life cycle analysis, operations & maintenance, emergency response, risk & resiliency analysis
  • Building GIS Network for Travel Demand Modeling and Forecasting, Routing and Network Analysis

When: Feb 11th, Thursday 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST
Who: GIS-T 2021 Workshop Participants


  • AEGIST and Spatial Data Governance Vision
  • Spatial Data Management & Governance at DOTs
  • AEGIST 2021 Calendar
    • Webinars and Presentations
    • Implementation Services to State DOTs



Joe Hausman, FHWA (joseph.hausman@dot.gov)


Online Webinar


Joseph (Joe) Hausman (FHWA)


  • Paul O’Rourke – Florida Department of Transportation
  • Kevin Hunt – New York State Office of Information Technology Services
  • Pat Kemble – New York State Department of Transportation
  • Ian Kidner – Ohio Department of Transportation
  • John Puente – Ohio Department of Transportation