Outreach for Applications of Enterprise GIS In Transportation

GIS-T Workshop - Routable Network Data Model (2022)

Apr 19 2022
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM

GIS-T Workshop - Integrating data from multiple sources for building an open-standards compliant, topologically connected, Routable Network Data Model (2022)


The Applications of Enterprise GIS in Transportation (AEGIST) pooled fund study (PFS) was initiated by FHWA in 2018 and involves 18 participating/engaged States and 5 friend States. As part of this phase, one of the areas PFS States are looking at development of a geospatial Road Network Data Model, that is (A) based on open standards such as ARNOLD, HPMS, MIRE, General Modeling Network Specification (GMNS), NG911, USRS, OGC’s Geographic Data Format (GDF) and CityGML, and, buildingSMART Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) which has recently been adopted by AASHTO; (B) Supports the planning and analysis required to build Complete Streets by mining, integrating and engineering geospatial and attribute data with required level of detail (LOD) and level of information (LOI) from Linear Referencing System (LRS) models, Design CAD/BIM models, Open Street Maps (OSM), Video logs, Imagery, NG911 and local agency datasets; and, (C) Enables data-driven decision support systems to conduct the data analysis required to carry out the equity actions laid out in the USDOTs Transportation Equity action plan by building a geospatial data model with data that supports spatial safety, mobility and infrastructure performance analysis. This workshop will involve presentations, interactive discussions and surveys associated with building the Road Network Data Model that accomplishes the above objectives. A Road Network Data Model that is being built as part of the AEGIST PFS will be presented. Additionally, road network data model development best practices/pilots at agencies that utilize various data sources will be discussed, so that feasibility and desirability of implementation of such model development practices can be assessed.


Workshop Materials: