Outreach for Applications of Enterprise GIS In Transportation

PFS States Quarterly Meeting 10

Jul 21 2022
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

PFS States Quarterly Meeting 10

Administering Road Network Data


  • AEGIST Updates
    • AEGSIT Tasks and Technical Services Activities Updates
    • Events Update: Conferences, Presentations, Workshops
  • Announcements: Upcoming AEGIST Events in 2022
    • PFS State DOT and Local Agency Presentations on Enterprise GIS Applications
    • Peer Exchange 3: AEGIST Guidebook v2.0 - Adding Information on State Practices, Open Standards Adoption & Use
    • AEGIST Technical Services on (a) Data Governance (B) BIM-GIS Integration
  • Administering Road Network Data
    • State DOT Practices: Results from AEGIST Surveys and Presentations from 2020-2021
    • Administration Levels Based on Level of Complexity, Level of Effort and Stakeholder Business Needs Addressed
    • Open Discussion and Survey to Gather Information for Guidebook v2.0



  • Joe Hausman (FHWA)
  • Abhishek Bhargava (WSP)
  • Bill Schuman (Rizing)
  • Andrea Compton (Rizing)