Outreach for Applications of Enterprise GIS In Transportation

PFS States Quarterly Meeting 2

May 29 2020
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

PFS States Quarterly Meeting 2

Spatial Data Modeling: CTDOTs Intersection Data Model

This quarterly meeting of the PFS States focused on spatial data modeling standards (open/proprietary). PFS States discussed the linear referencing data models.  


  • Joe Hausman (FHWA)
  • Abhishek Bhargava, Data Scientist (WSP)
  • Greg Ciparelli (CTDOT)
  • Justin Brunetti (CTDOT)


  • Intersection Modeling at CTDOT
    • Features: Points, Approaches, Route Segments & Related Features (Centerline, Routes)
    • AEGIST Intersection Specifications vs. Current State of DOT Practices – CT, AZ, NC
    • What can we adopt from AEGIST specification and what needs to change
    • Other Intersection Modeling Industry Discussions: RHUG Updates and Next Steps
    • Business Use Cases: (a) MIRE, (b) Safety, (c) Traffic, (d) Asset Management, Other
  • AEGIST Phase 2 Work Activities Update
    • Cross-Agency Activities Update: Intersection Modeling and Guidebook Updates
    • Technical Services Work Plans for States in Base Period (CA, CT, ID, GA, TN, PA)
    • AEGIST GIS-T Workshop as webinar in July
    • AEGIST SharePoint Site