Outreach for Applications of Enterprise GIS In Transportation

PFS States Quarterly Meeting 6

Jul 22 2021
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

PFS States Quarterly Meeting 6

Spatial Data Integration Engineering Delivery

This quarterly meeting of the PFS States will focus on management and governance of spatial data engineering platforms, that are currently in use at DOTs and/or emerging as state-of-art-practices for integrating, transforming, processing, and preparing spatial transportation data in enterprise systems.


  • Joe Hausman (FHWA)
  • Abhishek Bhargava, Data Scientist (WSP)
  • PFS State Presenters: To be identified


  • Engineering Routes with Z-Values using LRS/ARNOLD Routes & Lidar Point Cloud Data
  • Creating Junctions, Intersection Points and LRS Events - Inventory Routes, Road Segments
  • Engineering Data: Safety Data, Speed Limit, Rainfall Impact Analysis, Horizontal Curves
  • Governing Data Integration and Engineering Platforms


*Event date and agenda subject to change.